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Present status of Town Planning Section

Town Planning Section in Coimbatore Corporation is functioning under the head of Executive Engineer (Planning) with 4 in charge Asst.Town Planning Officers, 5 Junior Assistants and the Auto DCR Cell in Main Office assisting the Commissioner, Town Planning Committee and Council in town planning matters.

As ordered by the Government in GO.Ms.No.237 in 1997 the Town Planning Section in all the Corporations including Coimbatore Corporation has merged with Engineering section, the erstwhile Town Planning Inspectors were redesignated as Asst/Junior Engineers, Assistant Town Planning Officers (ATPO) as Assistant Executive Engineer (AEE (Planning) and Town Planning Officer as Executive Engineer (Planning). The Town Planning Officer and the Special grade Assistant Town Planning Officers are allowed to continue in the Town Planning Section till their retirement and after the retirement of Town Planning Officer and the Assistant Town Planning Officer, the section will function under the control of Engineering section.

Accordingly, all the Town Planning Inspectors in Coimbatore Corporation were all redesignated as Assistant/Junior Engineer and merged with Engineering service in 1997, by leaving the Executive Engineer (Planning) and 2 Junior Engineer(Planning) in the Section. Out of these 2 Junior Engineers (Planning) retired in 2010 and the other JE (ATPO i/c) retire on 31.3.2011 and the Executive Engineer (Planning) alone will be left out in the Section as Town Planning personnel. On administrative grounds the Town Planning Section is restructured as mentioned above.

As ordered by the Government in GO.Ms.No.237 most of the town planning functions like plan approval, control of unauthorised constructions, layouts, prosecution, encroachment removal, land management, implementation of Master Plan and all other functions mentioned hereunder are delegated to the Asst.Commissioners of Zone Offices since 1997. All the Town Planning functions and powers referred in Town and Country Planning Act, 1971 are vests with the Department of Town and Country Planning and CCMC can exercise the limited powers under the delegated power from the Directorate of Town and Country Planning. Thus it is the responsibility of the Planning Authority to enforce Planning Parameters, while the CCMC is responsible for enforcement of building parameters.

The functions of town planning section are:-

  1. DOs and DONTs
  2. Checklist for Building Application
  3. Online plan approval system using AutoDCR software
  4. Control the Unauthorised Construction.
  5. Land Development (Layout-authorised and unauthorised)
  6. Scheme of Regularisation of Unapproved Layouts.
  7. Scheme of Regularisation of Unauthorised Buildings
  8. Permission to Installation of Electric Motor
  9. Town Survey
  10. Encroachment
  11. Hoardings
  12. Demolition & Parking Restoration
  13. Land Acquisition
  14. Assets Management.
  15. Local Planning Authority (LPA)
  16. MasterPlan
  17. Detailed Development Plans
  18. Scheme/ link roads
  19. Regulation of Land use
  20. Town Planning & Development Standing Committee
  21. Licensed Building Surveyors (LBS).
  22. Street Vendor Policy
  23. PPP Projects like Bus shelter, Footpath, Race Course garden maintenance
  24. Geographical Information System (GIS).
  25. Horticulture Wing
  26. Weed Management
  27. Places of Public Resorts Act.
  28. Tamilnadu Parks, Playfields & Open Spaces Act.
  29. Plan Preparation Cell
  30. Places of Public Resorts Act:
  31. Semmozhi Poonga
  32. Delimitation
  33. HSUI Cell
  34. Achievements
  35. TPO - whom to Contact
  37. North Zone - Reserve site Detail
  38. Town planning-Building Approval - Building Licence Fees Revised W.E.F.01-10-2013
  39. ?

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