Public Health department is headed by the City Health Officer to assist the Commissioner. The main activities of this department are detailed below:



  1. Maternal & Child Health Care.
  2. Dispensaries - Curative Activities.
  3. Registration of Births and Deaths.
  4. Implementation of Tamil Nadu Public Health Act, 1939
  5. Implementation of Prevention of Food Adulteration Act,1954
  6. Licensing of Dangerous and Offensive Trades.
  7. Solid Waste Management (Primary Collection)

Maternal & Child Health Care (Urban Health Posts)

This corporation is running 20 urban health posts. Through these 20 centers the following services are rendered to the Public, free of cost.

  1. Antenatal care on all tuesdays.
  2. Delivery facilities round the clock.
  3. Immunization activities on all Wednesdays (BCG,DPT,OPV,TT,DT) and distribution of Vitamin 'A' solution
  4. Family welfare clinics on all days.
  5. Distribution of FST tablets for adolescent girls from 11 to 19 yrs of age on all thursdays.
  6. IUD insertion and distribution of Oral pills and conventional contraceptive in all the maternity Centers.
  7. Sterilization Operation (Tubectomy) (CTM Home, M M Home, S L M Home, V V M Home , R K Bai, Singanallur UHP) In addition laproscopic sterilization is carried out through special camps.
  8. Ultra - Sound Scan facility in 6 Health Posts. (CTM Home, M M Home,S L M Home, V V M Home , R K Bai, Singanallur at Rs.50/- per scan)


There are 5 AIDS Control centres established in this corporation through Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society, (TANSACS) Chennai. In these centres blood tests for HIV and counselling are carried out for the patients attending the clinics.


Woman Medical Officer

Public Health Nurse / Maternal Child Health Officer/Sector Health Nurse

Urban Health Nurse

Maternity Ayah



There are 11- Allopathic, 3 - Ayurvedic, 2 - Siddha dispensaries functioning in this corporation. All these dispensaries are treating patients as out-patients for all minor ailments.

T.B. Microscopic sputum test facility is available.

T.B. Drugs are issued in all centers, free of cost


Medical Officer


Male Nursing Assistant / Female Nursing Assistant


Public Health Laboratory

Corporation runs a public health labortatory at SLM Home premises, Brook Bund Road. The following tests are available in the above lab free of cost.

  1. Blood test - CBC -Complete Blood Count.(HB, TC, DC, ESR,Urea, Creatinine)
  2. Urine test - Complete Test. (Albumin,Sugar, Bile Salts, Bile pigment)
  3. Sputum test - AFB (Gram Stain - for TB)
  4. Semen Analysis
  5. Smear for Malaria and Filaria.
  6. Vaginal Smear for sexually Transmitted Diseases
  7. Blood Biochemistry - SGOT, SGPT, - Serum bilirubin.

ECG test is available in this lab free of cost for the patients referred by corporation Medical officers and at Rs.40/- for the patients referred by other private doctors.

Birth and Death Registration & Issuing Certificate

1) Forms

Form 1 -is Birth Reporting Form ( Pink colour)

Form 2 - is - Death Reporting Form ( Yellow Colour)

Form 3- Is Still Birth Reporting Form (Blue Colour)

Form 4 - is - MCCD form for the death occurred in Hospitals

Form 4 A - is MCCD form for death occurred in houses. (MCCD - Medical Certificate of Cause of Death)

Form 5 - is - Birth certificate

Form 6 - is - Death certificate

Form 7 - is - Birth Summary Report

Form 8- is -Death Summary Report

Form 9- is - Still Birth Summary Report

Form 10 - is Non - Availability Certificate

2) Birth & Death Registrars

Corporation Birth & Death Registrar : The Commissioner

Additional Corporation Birth & Death Registrar :The Corporation Health Officer

Ward Birth & Death Registrar : Sanitary Inspector of Concerned ward

3) Birth Registration ( Section 8)

* If Birth Occurs in Hospital

Hospital authority is the informer in this case & they will inform the occurrence of birth to the concerned area (hospital building -located area) Sanitary Inspector in form 1.

* If Birth Occurs in Home

Head of the household (father / mother of new born baby) is the informer & they will submit the form 1 to their area Sanitary Inspector.

* If Birth Occurs in Transit: (Moving vechicle)

Place of first halt is the registration area & that area Sanitary Inspector is the registrar.

4) Death Registration

* If Death Occurs in Hospital ( section 10 (1)):

Hospital authority is the informer and they will inform in Form 2 to the concerned area (hospital building located area) Sanitary Inspector along with Form 4 .

* If Death occurs in Home

Head of the house hold is the informer and they will intimate the occurrence of death to their area Sanitary Inspector in form 2 along with form 4A ( this 4A form should be obtained from the Doctor who last treated the deceased).

*For accident, suicide, murder and other police investigation cases

Sub - Inspector of the area (in which the death occurred) is the informer and he will inform the death to the Sanitary Inspector in form 2 along with the F.I.R. & Post Mortem copy (from 4 / 4A not necessary)

5) Birth / Death Registration Period & Late Fee

( Section 13(1),(2) & (3)

* From date of occurrence to 21 days :

  • No late fee.
  • Birth or Death will be registered at ward offices.

* From 22nd day to 30th day / 31st day :

  • A late fee of Rs.2/-.
  • should be paid and registered at ward office

* After 1 month to 365 days (1 year) :

  • A late fee of Rs.5/- should
    (from date of occurrence) be paid.
  • Registration done at ward office.

After 1 year, occurrence of events are registered only by an order of a Judicial Magistrate or a Metropolitan Magistrate with payment of Rs.10/- as late fee.

6) Birth & Death records custodian

(Rule 17, Section 30 (2) (K)

For current year and previous year Birth and Death custodians are Sanitary Inspectors.

For the years previous to the above Sanitary Inspectors must transfer the birth and death records to the Commissioner's office and the same is kept under the custody of Commissioner.

Birth & Death records are maintained by Sanitary Inspectors at their ward office for the years 2010 & 2011. The remaining previous year's records (ie 1871 to 2009) are stored at Corporation main office - Birth & Death record room.

7) Cause of death in the death certificate Section 17(1))

  • No disclosure shall be made of particulars regarding the cause of death as entered in the register.
  • For official purposes (i.e LIC, Accidents, etc.,) cause of death will be intimated in letter format only (not in certificate form) from department to department.
  • For medico-legal cases the cause of death will be recorded after chemical analysis report.

8) Birth Certificate for Adopted Children

(Register General of India Lr.2/3/2003/VS(CRS) Dated. 08.10.2004)

  • For school admission purpose, adoption itself is treated as birth certificate.
  • While issuing birth certificate , names of adoptive parents must be entered against the names of biological parents in the birth certificate (with proper magistrate order)

9) Child Name Registration (Rule 10 Section 14)

  • For new born baby, parents must apply in the letter to S.Is by indicating their child name in English & Tamil (State Official Language)
  • For school going children, school bonafide letter ( by indicating date of birth & student name ) is a must.
  • For those children completing their school education, TC Xerox or Mark Sheet Xerox is enough.
  • For non-school going children, more than 15 years age, notary affidavit in Rs.20/- stamp paper is enough along with name registration late fee Rs.5/-.
  • Late fee for child name registration :-
    • Within 1year - Nil
    • After 1 year - Rs.5/-

10) Spelling Correction in Name of Father or Mother in Birth Certificate.

(After one year from date of registration) Documents needed are:

  1. Prescribed application form
  2. Requisition letter from parents
  3. All previously obtained birth / death certificates in originals.
  4. Hospital correction letter (for institution deliveries)
  5. Notary Affidavit
  6. Letter from 2 credible persons.
  7. Evidence proof for name of father or mother (ie., education document or service records)
  8. Xerox copy of ration card.
  9. Xerox copy of another child's birth certificate (if any)

11) Spelling Correction of Child Name in Birth Certificates (After one year from date of registration)

Documents needed are :

  1. Prescribed application form
  2. Parent's requisition letter
  3. All previously obtained birth certificate's originals.
  4. Notary affidavit
  5. Letter from 2 credible persons.
  6. Evidence proof for name of child (ie. education document Xerox)

12) For entire name correction - contact

The Director of printing & stationeries, 110, Anna Salai, Chennai - 600 002. for obtaining Gazette Notification.

P.F.A. Licence.

There is an application for PFA license which on payment of Rs. 5/- will be issued at all four zonal offices. The fee for P F A license is Rs. 25/-. The application received at zonal offices will be sent to concerned clerks in zonal offices and in turn sent to the Sanitary Inspectors for remarks. If the Sanitary Inspector recommends for issue of license the application will be sent to City Health Officer for issue of license .City Health Officer will issue the license. The process is given below:

Reception (at zonal level)


Sanitary Inspector

Zonal Sanitary officer

City Health Officer

The time limit for process is as follows:

1. Processing of application. .. 7 days.

2. Intimation to remit the fee. .. 30days.

3. Issue of license. .. 45 days.

Penalty :-

Upto March 31st : Nil

From April 1st : 50%

Dangerous and Offensive Trades

All the D&O traders should obtain renew licenses from this office on payment of prescribed fee before 45 days of the commencement of the trade financial year ie 1st of April. All the traders should renew the license every financial year. The defaulters should remit an extra payment of 25% of the licence free as penalty.

Request for D&O Trade License.

There is a printed application available in all the 4 Zonal Offices. The cost of each application is Rs.5/-.The filled in applications are received at zonal offices for scrutiny and the same should be submitted before February 14 each year. The prescribed fee should be remitted for each trade on intimation to the applicant. The applications so received will be sent to concerned clerks in zonal offices. The clerk will send the applications to the concerned Sanitary Inspectors for remarks. The Sanitary Inspectors will inspect and submit their remarks to the Assistant Commissioner through concerned Zonal sanitary Officers. The recommended trade licenses will be issued to the applicants in zonal offices.

The process is as follows.



Sanitary Inspector

Zonal Sanitary Officer

Assistant Commissioner


Upto February 14 :- Nil

From February 15 : 25% of license fee.

The time limit for process is as follows.

1. Processing of application. .. 7 days.

2. Intimation for remittance of fees. .. 30 days.

3. Issue of License. .. 45 days.

Solid Waste Management

All the streets in 100 wards are swept and kept clean through 2816 sanitary workers of this Corporation. All the garbage collected are dumped at Vellalore Compost Yard. The concerned ward sanitary inspectors are responsible for maintaining sanitation in their respective wards and is being supervised by the zonal Assistant Commissioners on a daily basis.


Sanitary Worker

Sanitary Supervisor

Sanitary Inspector

Zonal Sanitary Officer

Assistant Commissioner

Request for Sullage Lorry

The cost of application is Rs.5/-. The charge for one trip for cleaning by ordinary sullage lorry is Rs.500/- for both residential and commercial places.

The charge for one trip for lorry fitted with modernized machine which will remove the sludge in the septic tanks is Rs.1500/- for both domestic and commercial places.

The applicants have to submit the duly filled applications, available in the zonal officers and pay the required fees.

The applications will be sent to the zonal sanitary officers are they will allot the vehicle as per request to the required places.

Sanitary Certificate

The requisition along with a fees of Rs.25/- remitted in zonal offices will be sent to the concerned ward offices. This in turn will be sent to the City Health Officer for inspection. The City Health Officer will issue certificate within 7 days.

Health Committee

Under section 6 of the Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation Act 1981 and under Rule 3 of Tamil Nadu Municipal Corporations constitution of Standing Committee Rules 1997 (issued in G.O.Ms.No.27 Municipal Administration and Water Supply Department dated. 07.02.1997) the Coimbatore Corporation Council in its resolution no.22, dated. 30.04.2002 has constituted the Health Committee consisting of 7 members including the chairman of the committee.

As per G.O.Ms.No.70 M.A. & W.S. department dated. 10.06.2002, the committee has been empowered to sanction contract acceptance for the works of value from Rs.20.00 lakhs to Rs.30.00 lakhs and may review matters related to Dispensaries , Maternity Centres and Urban Health Posts, Sanitation of city, cleaning relating to roads drains and streets, mosquito control and purchase of medicines for hospitals, fogging machines and related works.

The Committee consists of the following elected chairman and members.


Sl . No Name of the Member Ward Contact No
1 Tmt.S.Thamarai Selvi, Chairman 66 Phone :
Cell : 94890 - 94266
2 Tmt.D. Umadevi 13 Phone :
Cell : 94890 - 94213
3 Tmt.S. Saradha Shanmugam 26 Phone :
Cell : 94890 - 94226
4 Thiru.S. Vellingiri 37 Phone :
Cell : 94890 - 94237
5 Thiru.U.S. Seetharaman 54 Phone :
Cell : 94890 - 94254
6 Thiru.S. Balan 62 Phone :
Cell : 94890 - 94262
7 Thiru.K. Sedhuvaraj 64 Phone :
Cell : 94890 - 94264
8 Tmt.S. Gowri 95 Phone :
Cell : 94890- 94295
9 Thiru.B. Venugopal 100 Phone :
Cell : 94890 - 94100

Zoo / Veterinary Division Details

The Zoo Director and Corporation Veterinary Officer is carries out the following operations:

  1. Ensuring hygienic meat productions for which there are 3 Slaughter Houses at Sathy Road, Ukkadam, Singanallur. About 38000 cows and buffaloes and 1,50,000 sheep and goat are slaughtered annually.
  2. Looking after the feeding and other management of bullocks which are used for conservancy purpose.
  3. Animal birth control programme aimed at stray dogs (8500 stray dogs were sterilized so for).
  4. Stray animals menace control.

The zoo at V O C Park was established in the year 1965 in an extent of 1.75 acres with minimum inventories like jackal, Deer, Monkey, Camel and some varieties of birds. This zoo is recognized by the Central Zoo Authority, New Delhi under section 38 (H) of the Wild Life (Protection) Act 1972".

At present the following birds and animals are maintained in cage system in an extent of 4.61 acres.

Mammals : 135 Nos ( 9 species)
Birds : 370 Nos ( 25 species)
Reptiles : 33 Nos ( 7 species)
Total : 538 Nos (41 species)


The annual expenditure on establishment, feeding and management of zoo animals and birds is about Rs.40,00,000/- and the annual income is Rs.33,00,000/- and about 8.5 lakh people visit the zoo annually.

Entry fee for adult is Rs.3/-per head, that for Children is Rs.2/- per head. A toy train is also available in V O C park and the fare for ride is Rs. 3/- per adult and Rs.2/- per children.

As per the instruction and guidelines given by the Central Zoo Authority , New Delhi the corporation has decided to have the zoo in an extended area or in natural moats type of enclosure according to modern concept of zoo design.

For this purpose, the Coimbatore Corporation has identified a suitable site at Ettimadai Village to an extent of 68.41 Acres which is about 24km away from the existing zoo

The relocation process is going on.

The zoo can serve as an educational and interpretation centre and also can contribute to conservation of wild species. Relocation of the existing V O C Park Mini Zoo needs to be carried out not only for the benefit of the students and people of this part of the city but also for the conservation of endangered species. This is the only zoo which is managed by the corporation in South India.

Contact Phone Numbers
Veterinary Officer 94437 99242