Use alternatives to plastics

Coimbatore Smart City Limited on Tuesday conducted a workshop to popularise alternatives to plastics. It had earlier introduced bio compostable bags. The meeting was chaired by Corporation Commissioner K. Vijayakarthikeyan.

The civic body had earlier formed a volunteer group, ‘My shopping; my bag,’ to tackle the plastic bag menace in the city and find an alternative. The group, with the help of corporation officials, conducted an exhibition on alternative solutions for used plastics in which compostable bags and cups, plates made out of bagasse, corn were showcased.

Later the Indian plastic institute conducted a workshop on manufacturing bio compostable bags with little alterations in existing machines. The workshop made it clear that the plastic bag manufacturers need not go in for a total change of machinery to switch over to bio compostable bags.

The workshop was conducted by Abhijit Shah, vice-president, sales and Marketing, SKYi Composites, who introduced the concept of bio-compostable materials and their use in manufacturing carry bags.

Now a bag manufactured of tapioca that dissolves in water would be launched. The raw material is imported from Germany. Even the ink used in the print is bio degradable.