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Municipal Solid Waste Management (MSWM) is one of the primary responsibilities of the Municipal Authorities. The Solid Waste Management function involves monitoring and management of the activities of Door-to-Door Collection of Municipal Solid Waste, Street sweeping, Cleaning of open drains, Transporting of Waste, Scientific Treatment & Disposal of MSW, Maintenance of Waste Collection vehicles and other utilities such as Public toilets/complexes, etc., The process also involves keeping track of the amount of waste treated /disposed at the Processing/Disposal site as the case may be. The functions of the Solid Waste Management are sub categorized into the following Components:

  • Segregation of waste at source
  • Collection of waste at the Door-to-Door level including Street Cleansing, Collection of C&D Waste and Cleaning of Open Drains (Nalla de-silting).
  • Secondary storage of waste
  • Secondary Collection of waste
  • Secondary Transportation of waste
  • Treatment/processing of waste
  • Disposal of waste
  • Vehicle Movement.

The Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation (CCMC) is divided into 4 Zones and each Zone comprises of 18 Sanitary Wards. The population of the city is 10.09 Lakhs and the quantity of garbage generated daily is 601 MT. The total quantity of waste generated in the city is collected on daily basis and the same is transported and finally dumped at the Dumpsite located at Vellalore-Kurichi Village. The CCMC at present have been deploying 2545 Sanitary Workers for Solid Waste Management. The Zones are headed by the Assistant Commissioners. In CCMC there is no separate department for Solid Waste Management. The activities such as Door-to-Door Collection, Street Sweeping, Cleaning of Open Drains (Nallas), Secondary Collection, Transportation of the Waste Collected at the source to the Transfer Stations are being carried out and monitored by the Sanitary Inspectors of the Public Health Department in their respective wards/zones. The Maintenance of the Transfer Stations, Secondary Transportation, Processing/Disposal Site, etc., is being handled by the Engineering Department. The Engineering department headed by the City Engineer is assisted by Two Executive Engineers and One Assistant Executive Engineer (Main office) for discharging his functions effectively. The Engineering Department facilitates in inviting tenders and awarding the contracts pertaining to SWM services, Procurement of Tools & Plants including vehicles etc., besides maintaining the vehicles deployed for SWM Service. The Engineering Department is responsible for upkeep of vehicles, construction of transfer station, setting up and maintenance of processing plants, incineration plants as well as for managing the disposal sites in an environmentally acceptable manner. The Central SWM Department headed by the City Engineer, Executive Engineer's and Assistant Executive Engineer (Main office) in the Corporation Main office will suggest policy decisions and co-ordinate the activities of all the zones and the wards and be answerable to the Commissioner and elected body for the efficient functioning of the department. The CCMC has been using various types of vehicles for performing the Solid Waste Management service. The details of motor vehicles available in the CCMC are detailed below:

S. No. Description of Vehicles Zone wise Allotment Total
Main Office North Zone East Zone West Zone South Zone
1 Excavator Cum Loaders 01 01 01 01 01 05
2 Front End Loaders - 01 01 01 01 04
3 Hydraulic Excavators 01 - - - - 01
4 Single Bin Dumper Placer Lorries (LMV) - 04 05 05 05 19
5 Twin Bin Dumper Placer Lorries (MMV) - 06 06 07 06 25
6 Refuse Collectors (LMV & MMV) - 09 09 10 09 37
7 Tipper Lorries (LMV) - 06 07 02 05 20
8 Tipper Lorries (HMV) - - - - 02 02
9 Auto Rickshaws - 03 03 06 04 16
10 Bulk Refuse Carriers - 02 - - - 02
11 Skip Lifter Lorries (MMV) - 01 01 - 01 03
12 Smaller Tipper Lorries - 03 03 03 03 12
TOTAL 02 36 36 35 37 146

In addition to the above the CCMC have also been engaging 48 Nos of Hired Private Tipper Lorries and 21 Nos of Tipper Tractors for the purpose of Collection and Transportation of waste in the City.

The Coimbatore City which is covered under the JNNURM, with a view to modernize the Solid Waste Management Services in the city and to do away with its outdated system of littering of domestic waste and commercial waste on the streets, dumping of waste in open places along the roadside, transporting it in uncovered trucks and disposing off the waste unscientifically at the existing dumpsite, the CCMC had already prepared a Detailed Project Report for Rs.9858.00 Lakhs for being sanctioned under the JNNURM. The Central Sanctioning and Monitoring Committee (CSMC), Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India had approved the Detailed Project Report at an estimated cost of Rs.9651.00 Lakhs on 02-02-2007. The Integrated Solid Waste Management Project sanctioned under JNNURM for Rs.96.51 Crores is now being implemented by the CCMC in Two parts. Part-I of the project comprising Source Segregation of waste, Primary Collection, Secondary Collection and Transportation of Segregated waste up to the transfer stations will be implemented by the CCMC itself at an estimated cost of Rs.26.29 Crores. Part-II of the project comprising the component works beyond the transfer stations namely Construction of Four new Transfer stations, Secondary transportation of waste upto the Processing site/Sanitary Landfill site, Construction of Compost Plant, Construction of Sanitary Landfill facility including closure of the 3 existing dumpsites will be implemented under Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) basis at an estimated cost of Rs.68.93 Crores. The above said project is in good progress.

At present all the activities pertaining to the SWM are carried out manually. However for the purpose of Cesspool emptying the General Public can download the required application forms from the corporation website under link "Public Health" under heading Request for Sullage Lorry. Application forms could be downloaded from the website and the filled in application forms can be submitted to the CCMC along with the requisite fee for availing the above said services.

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